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Sentophagy™ - Senolytic Support Formula

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Sentophagy Formula is a synergistic herbal analog formulation of the phytotherapeutic extraction of five (5) plant species known to induce senolytic autophagy and mitophagy, including: Taraxacum officinale, Camellia senensis, Berberis vulgarus, Curcuma longa, Cinnamomum verum.


Cellular senescence is a permanent state of cell cycle arrest induced by cellular stresses. During the aging process, senescent cells (SCs) increasingly accumulate in tissues, causing a loss of tissue-repair capacity because of cell cycle arrest in progenitor cells and produce proinflammatory and matrix-degrading molecules which are known as the senescence-associated secretory phenotype (SASP), and thereby contribute to the development of various age-related diseases. Genetic evidence has demonstrated that clearance of SCs can delay aging and extend healthspan. Senolytics, small molecules that can selectively kill SCs, have been developed to treat various age-related diseases. In recent years, emerging natural compounds have been discovered to be effective senolytic agents, such as quercetin, fisetin, piperlongumine and the curcumin analog.


Autophagy is a fundamental biological process by removing damaged organelles, but disordered autophagy is involved in a variety of diseases including neurodegeneration and microbial infection. Autophagy is activated in response to adverse environmental conditions such as the deprivation of nutrients, hypoxia, pathogen infection, radiation and oxidative stress as a survival mechanism. This process plays a role in cellular homeostasis, development, and longevity and has many effects on the cellular renovation. It would be reasonable to assume that autophagy can contribute to whole-body rejuvenation. Under many conditions, autophagy is considered as a physiologic cytoprotective or pro- survival mechanism, however, completely uncontrolled or excessive autophagy has been associated with cell death. The characterization of the regulation of autophagy has become relevant because defective autophagy has been linked to aging, neurodegenerative disorders.


Taraxacum officinale, is a source of Quercitin, an efficient Autophagy molecule.

Camellia senensis, is a source of Spermadine, an efficient Autophagy and Mitophagy molecule.

Berberis vulgarus, is antioxidant, antiseptic, and antiinflammatory

Curcuma longa, its active molecule curcumin is an antioxidant, antiseptic, and antiinflammatory.

Cinnamomum verum, is known to be a powerful anti-oxidant.


Sentophagy is uniquely extracted from select organic herbs, organic cane alcohol and deep ocean mineral water, as the extraction solvent. Utilizing advanced all-glass apparatus, Sentophagy undergoes hours of reflux extraction that applies heat and ethanol to enhance the bioavailability of the resultant extraction.


  • Highly bio-available due to heat and alcohol reflux extraction
  • Made from the extraction of fresh Maui, Hawaii turmeric rhizome.
  • Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten free
  • Extracted with Maui-grown organic sugarcane alcohol and deep ocean mineral water
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