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  • What makes the Extended Longevity Protocol unique?
    In order to understand the uniqueness of the Extended Longevity protocol. You have to have an understanding of the recent history of the nascent longevity space. It was only in August of 2019 that Dr. Steven Horvath of UCLA announced that a blockbuster study would be released in September of that year (a little over a year ago). Dr. Horvath is the developer of the epigenetic clock, which has been determined to be the most accurate measure of biological aging, more so than chronological aging. The study was the TRIM study developed by a Dr. Fahey that was a small cohort study that was aimed at proving a combination of drugs and minerals (Metformin, HGH, DHEA, Zinc and Selenium) could reverse Thymic involution. The study was in fact successful, but in the process Dr. Fahey had extra blood samples of the participants and sent them to Horvath to test in his newly developed Epigenetic clock. The results were that Dr. Horvath also demonstrated that the Epigenetic clock could be reversed but only for about 2.5 years. Still a major breakthrough and a ground-breaking study, since it had never been demonstrated before that an Epigenetic clock could be reversed. So, the whole field is in a renaissance, so to speak. This study was the inspiration for the Company’s insight into synergistic and mimetic analogs of these pharmaceutical compounds that would not have side effects and could be grandfathered into use as herbal medicinal extracts. We went on to explore many important studies using infomatics and insilico data research, including the seminal “Hallmarks of Aging” that discussed 10 conditions of aging. I have reinterpreted these TEN conditions of aging and now include the Epigenetic clock, cellular senescence, telomeres, blood signaling, NAD, Pineal Clock, stem cell regeneration, Thymic regeneration, Extra Cellular Matrix Stiffening, and inflammaging, as what I believe are the principle causes of the aging process.
  • What are top claims/benefits you believe are strongest and most substantiated?
    With regard to claims, we can say that the formulas have been demonstrated to produce results in moving the biomarkers that determine the underlying causes of aging. For instance, the Epigenetic test results received from TruDiagnostics places CEO Steven M Schorr’s Epigenetic age at 51.8 a 15-year deceleration of the aging metrics. This vastly improves on the 2.5-year deceleration of the aging process shown in the TRIM study. Similarly, we can say that the formulas have lengthened telomeres to the extent that shows Mr. Schorr has longer telomeres than a new-born. This elongated telomere has an effect on the cell, as shortened telomeres lead to cellular senescence (cell death) and senescing cells signal inflammatory cytokines and chemokines which increase chronic inflammation and also signaling to other cells that it is time to die. Long telomeres prevent this. Data shows this. Again, we can claim that the formulas reduce C-reactive protein count (an important metric of systemic inflammation) in line with that of a 15-year-old. We can also claim that the formulas regenerate the Thymus as the data shows a healthy T-cell count in line with a 15-year-old. All these and more can be said because the data demonstrates it, without claiming to cure any of the subsequent diseases that would result from poor showings in these areas, and the chronic conditions that might result or be a precursor thereof.
  • So, take as true that products are “anti-aging” and lowering your age (how you would explain it):"
    To lower one’s age you would have to compare your metabolic functionality to that of someone younger and compare and contrast certain biomarkers that are known to change or degrade with age. The use of specific biomarkers is the most precise way of doing this. Some people age well naturally, others don’t. For instance, some men go bald at an early age while others keep their full head of hair until they die. We know this to be mostly a genetic heritable condition, yet bald men tend to look older that men with hair. So, using baldness as an indicator of one’s age would not necessarily be accurate. Our current understanding of the aging process reflects on chronic conditions of aging that result in debilitated diseases. Typically, these have to do with chronic inflammation and the breakdown of the body’s healing capability resulting in the primary diseases of aging: heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes and the auto-immune diseases. If one were to prevent these conditions by rejuvenating the underlying systems, one could provide a much better quality of life for a much longer duration.
  • What does it MEAN. More specific the better.
  • What does it DO?
    There is now a broad scientific consensus that aging is primarily a degenerative process that is controlled by time-sequenced internal biological clocks, whose effects are felt as we age, across the human organism, and by systemic and cellular reactions to internal conditions. Our research has determined that aging is largely controlled by ten (10) primary internal biological factors, now understood to be reversible. Here they are listed hierarchically, most important to least important: Pineal clock- (Pineal / Hypothalmic/ Pituitary/ Superchiasmatic Nucleolus (SCN) axis) this is the master time clock and coordinates the body's circadian rhythm and the time-cycled release of melatonin and other critical hormones and neurotransmitters. Thymic involution- immune depletion, and T-cell diminution. Blood signaling and transcription factors- reverse distributed blood signaling of TGF-ß1 and Oxytocin (to all cells). Telomere length- Attrition of the protective chromosomal endcaps causing programmed Cellular senescence. Senolytics- (autophagy, mitophagy) Accumulation of senescent zombie-like cells that inflame and signal senescence to healthy cells. Inflammaging- Inflammatory response, altered intercellular communication and the production of inflammatory cytokine and chemokine molecules. Stem Cell Exhaustion- loss of source stem cells. Cellular Metabolic Efficiency (NAD, NMN, NR, Sirtuins, Resveratrol, ATP, ROS)- Energy production and mitochondrial dysfunction. Epigenetic clock (DNAm cytosine methylation)- Alterations to the epigenome that control which genes are turned on and off. Extra Cellular Matrix Stiffening - The decrease in elastin, in turn, increases collagen content and ECM stiffness. This causes age-related diseases such as hypertension, and atherosclerosis. • Two factors are endocrinological: Pineal/ Hypothalamic /Pituitary/ SCN axis, and Thymus involution, which are internal aging-clock related. • Two factors are DNA based: Telomere length and Epigenetic DNA methylation, which are internal aging-clock related. • Two factors are cellular: Cellular Metabolic Efficiency and Senolytics, and are adapted systemic responses. • Four factors are Systemic: Blood signaling, Extra Cellular Matrix Stiffening, and Stem Cell Exhaustion, which are internal aging-clock related and Inflammaging, which is an adapted systemic response. ​ In order to address these conditions of aging Extended Longevity has developed ten (10) synergistic and mimetic biologic formulations. They include: 1. Pinetonal™ - is a Pineal Gland supporting formulation of six (6) plant species known to increase melatonin, pineol, zinc, and selenium, included are phytotherapeutic extracts of Pistacia vera, Scutellaria baicalensis, Passiflora incarnata, Panax quinquefolius, Elitaria cardamomum, and Cinnamomum verum. 2. Thyvolve™ - is designed for regenerating the Thymus Gland and reversing the age-dependent process of Thymus involution. It consists of six (6) phytotherapeutic extracts including Selaginella involvens, Pinus sylvestris (Pollen), Curcuma longa, Zingiber officinale, Elitaria cardamomum, and Cinnamomum verum. 3. Bluecosig™ - Bluecosig Formula is designed for blood signaling and transcription adjustment, for aging reversal or rejuvenation via blood signaling to all cells. It contains phytotherapeutic extracts of Caulophyllum thalictroides, Panax quinquefolius, Scutellaria baicalensis, and Curcuma longa. 4. Telogenic™ - Telogenic Longevity Formula is a phytotherapeutic extract of three (3) synergistic herbal analogs, including Astragalus membranaceus, Centella asiatica, and Salix Alba. It is a telomerase-creating natural plant extract that stops the degradation of telomeres and rebuilds them, reversing cell loss from telomere attrition. 5. Sentophagy™ - is a phytotherapeutic extraction of five (5) plant species known to induce autophagy and mitophagy, including Taraxacum officinale, Camellia senensis, Berberis vulgarus, Curcuma longa, and Cinnamomum verum. 6. Inflasolve™ - is formulated to reduce systemic inflammation that is a root cause of aging (called “Inflammaging”). It contains phytotherapeutic extracts of Curcuma longa, Boswellia sacra, Salix alba, Camellia sinensis, and Cinnamomum verum. 7. Stemegenis™ - is designed to regenerate active stem cells from the age-dependent condition called “stem cell exhaustion,” reversing it. It contains phytotherapeutic extracts of Garcinia indica, Astragalus membracanus, and Cinnamomum verum. 8. CMEnhance™ - is designed to support Cellular Metabolic Efficiency, increasing Resveratrol, Sirtuins, NAD, NMN and contains phytotherapeutic extracts of Polygonum cuspidatum, Scutellaria baicalensis, Tabebuia avellanedae, Curcuma longa, and Cinnamomum verum. 9. Epiverse™ - is an Epigenetic Clock reversing (DNAm, cytosine methylation) synergistic herbal analog formulation of six (6) plant species. Included are phytotherapeutic extracts of Berberis vulgaris, Pinus sylvestris (Pollen), Lepidium meyenii, Taraxacum officinale, Elitaria cardamomum, and Cinnamomum verum. 10. Elastage ECM™- is designed to stimulate the growth of elastin and strengthen the flexibility of the Extra Cellular Matrix. Elastic fibers, composed of an elastin core (90%) surrounded by fibrillin-richmicrofibrils (10%), endow tissues with critical mechanical properties such as resilience, flexibility, and elasticity. ​ Rejuvenation and the reversal of the aging process is a slow, steady process that requires patience and perseverance, like watching grass grow. In some instances, there will be remarkable transformations. Otherwise, as it has taken many years to ripen our physical maturity, so it will rejuvenate in the fullness of time.
  • How can you FEEL the effects?
    The effects of the Extended Longevity products are immediate and considerable. For example, our Inflasolve™ formula is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can ameliorate joint stiffness within hours of consuming. One can also feel the enhanced energy of CMEnhace, which provides energy inducing resveratrol and NAD to the mitochondria. Pinetonal™ assists in enhanced sleep cycles as the melatonin in the formula naturally effects circadian rhythms of the Pineal/ Pituitary/ Hypothalamus/ Super Chiasmatic Nucleus. These effects are visceral! Other effects such as Telogenic’s™ ability to regenerate the telomeres of the chormosomes take time to effect and feel. Similarly, Stemegenis’ ability to regenerate stemcells over the entire 100 trillion cell makeup of the human organism, take time to effect. Thyvolve’s™ ability to regenerate the Thymus gland shows up over time in an increase in T-cells, a measurable phenonium.
  • Underscore the differentiators and that Extended Longevity is not “just another anti-aging product line”.
    Aging is a continuation of a timed growth development program evolving into a phase of late-life self-annihilation. The body adapts to a variety of environmental stresses. These stresses may affect the adaptive responses of specific cellular processes and create resistive strengthening leading to increased longevity. The tendency of the organism to rebalance toward homeostasis is a biological response to both environmental and internal organic conditions that are determined by behavioral processes such as diet, stress, and activity, but can also be affected by certain drugs and/or herbal interventions. The results we are seeing with the Extended Longevity protocol have never been seen before in the modern history of humanity. To say we have cracked to code is an understatement. However, time will tell as to whether we can exist in a stable age-related context or whether we can, in fact, cause rejuvenation and a visceral “youthening” of the organism.
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