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The Extended Longevity methodology

3D Scans

A New Age in Longevity

Longer, Healthier Lives

There is now broad scientific consensus that aging is primarily a degenerative process that is controlled by time-sequenced internal biological clocks, whose effects are felt as we age, across the human organism, and by systemic and cellular reactions to internal conditions. 

Globally, researchers are developing novel molecular drugs to address the expirations of these biological clocks. Much like their pharmaceutical cousins, they often come with undesirable side effects. 


Synergistic and Mimetic Phytotherapeutic formulations

While many scientists are searching for novel compounds and new drugs for the solution to aging, we went back to the roots of medicine and researched plant-based solutions that have years of research and proven efficacy to find what, if any, natural compounds achieve the same foundational results.

What we found was a host of natural solutions that achieve the very thing researchers are trying to create, patent, and then market as their own.

What we also found was:



Not only that, they achieve better results than anything they've been able to create in a lab, and without reported side effects.

Tropical Leaves



Extended Longevity uses a proprietary reflux reaction technology, to extract the desired biologic's natural healing power to formulate for optimum effectiveness. 

This innovative process uses the natural healing power of plants to promote well-being by extracting the plants beneficial phytochemical content using heat, organic alcohol, and deep ocean water for maximum bioavailability.

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