Biomarker Test Results

Biomarker Test Results: Epigenome by

Second epigenome test for Dr. Roy Genatt, D.C. on October 2022 shows reduction of the biomarker of aging by 12 years from 73 to 61. 

Biomarker Test Results: Telomeres

Test results for Longevinaut #2 - a 75-year-old man, for Telomere measurements from SpectraCell Laboratories indicate a Telomere length of 9,300 base pairs.  He is in the 98th percentile of his age bracket, with a Telomere length equivalent to a 10-20 years old person.

Test results for Longevinaut

Biomarker Test Results: Epigenome by
Sixth epigenome test for Steven Schorr on June 2022 shows flatt lined aging curve from 68 to 53. Aging has now stopped.

Biological age
How do you compare

Biomarker Test Results: Epigenome by
Second year epigenome test shows flattening of the aging curve from 68 to 53.

epigenome test

Biomarker Test Results:

Epigenetic test

A 58 year old woman , Kimberely, F.  Reported that after 6 months on the Extended Longevity Protocol and with a baseline test indicating aging at 60 years, she has decelerated her age by more than12 years, according to the Epigenome cytosine methylation test conducted by TruDiagnostic.

First epigenome test

First Epigenome Test.

Second epigenome test

Second Epigenome test after 6 months

Biomarker Test Results:

Epigenetic test

In 2019 Extended Longevity CEO Steven Schorr took a baseline epigenetic test from  The test showed that he was above age at 67 when he was 66.  One year later after taking the Extended Longevity protocol every day, he re-took an epigenome test through, a more sensitive test measuring 900,000 points of cytosine methylation on the epigenome. The Epigenome is a record of how the genome has instructed the cells to produce the proteins that create the physical body. The link between epigenetics and health has been linked through biological age. This is important because aging is the leading risk factor for multiple chronic diseases and disorders. Therefore, finding a way to slow the biological aging process is essential. Mr. Schorr took the second test on November 15, 2020.  The test was a ground breaking validation of the Extended Longevity protocol, as it indicated a deceleration of his aging process by an astonishing 15 years.  In other words, Mr. Schorr's biological age is a proven 51.8 years old (He was 67.5 years old on 1/25/21) The Phytotherapeutic Extract that addresses Epigenetic deceleration and Epigenetic rejuvenation, is Epiverse™.

MyDNAge test.png

First Epigenome Test 10/18/19

Second Epigenome Test 11/15/20

Second epigenome test

Second Epigenome Test 11/15/20

Third epigenome test

Third Epigenome Test 3/20/21 

Validation by saliva methodology through Elysium

Test result

Test Subject #2 - a 74 year old Male, used the Extended Longevity Protocol for one (1) year 3/2/2021, has decelerated his age by 14 years


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Biomarker Test Results: Telomeres


New test results for Mr. Schorr were received on May 3, 2021 for Telomere measurements from Spectra Cell Laboratories, and indicated a Telomere length of 9,010 base pairs.  He is in the 96th percentile of his age bracket, with a Telomere length equivalent to a 10-20 years old person.

Telomere Test result

The telomere test, tested by, measures your ATL, or average telomere length. I took three (3) tests, one in April 2017, April 2018 and the last test in November 2019.  Although Mr. Schorr's Telomeres were already that of a 17-year-old, this last test shows a significant increase in his telomere length.  The chart below indicates the telomere length and the age consistent with that length, in fact, his ATL is off the chart. If one were to extrapolate the age of someone with an ATL of 1.4 The Phytotherapeutic Extract that addresses Telomere attrition and Telomere rejuvenation, is Telogenic™.

TeloYears Test 12.2019

Telomere Age Chart.jpg

Biomarker Test Results: Inflammation

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is a type of protein secreted from the liver that increases in response to inflammation. It is particularly sensitive to inflammation in the walls of coronary arteries. CRP is present in the acute phase of infection or inflammation, as well as during chronic inflammation.CRP Quantitative is a marker in the blood that rises rapidly in response to injury and inflammation. High levels help detect hidden infections and useful for monitoring response to anti-inflammatory therapy.

The charts below indicate that the <0.60 test result was in the optimal range. The mean CRP for men 65-69 was 2.2 to 2.8, indicating a moderate risk for inflammation-related ailments. The second table also suggests that 27.7% of men in the 60-69 age group had above 3.0, a high-risk range. The Phytotherapeutic Extract that addresses Inflammation and Inflammaging, is Inflasolve™.

CRP Test 1.2020

C-Reactive Protein

Latest C-Reactive Protein Test for Steven Schorr Feb. 4, 2021

Inflammation Markers
CRP Concentrations
hs-CRP Level

Biomarker Test Results: Pineal/ Hypothalamus/ Pituitary/ SCN Aging Clock

FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) and LH (Luteinizing Hormone) are two indicators of the health of the Pituitary Gland. They fall into an optimal range, where both too little and too high are indications of a detrimental condition.  Maintaining the correct balance is essential to endocrine health and longevity.  On the left is the test indicating that balance has been achieved and on the right is an explanation of FSH and LH. The Phytotherapeutic Extract that addresses the Pineal aging clock, is Pinetonal™.

FSH & LH Test 1.2020

Selenium & Zinc Test

Follicle Stimulating Hormone

Luteinizing hormone

Biomarker Test Results: Thymus Involution Aging Clock

The Immunodeficiency Test panel reveals the balance of Lymphocytes, CD4, CD8, CD19 and CD3 cells and their optimal balance in the human organism. The Phytotherapeutic Extract that addresses the Thymus Involution aging clock, is Thyvolve™.

Immunodeficiency Test