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"Unlocking the Secrets of Longevity: Exploring the Power of Phytotherapeutic Extract Formulations

As we age, our bodies experience various changes that impact our health and well-being. These changes are caused by a multitude of factors that contribute to the aging process. Extended Longevity is a line of 10 Phytotherapeutic Extract Formulations that addresses these 10 determinant factors of aging, providing a comprehensive approach to extending human lifespan.

Each extract formulation targets a specific factor of aging, providing a synergistic effect when used together. Pinetonal addresses the pineal gland, hypothalamus, and suprachiasmatic nucleus, which together manage the circadian rhythms of the day-night cycle, resting the pineal gland for more efficient production of melatonin, an important signaling molecule. Thyvolve regenerates the Thymus gland responsible for the production of T-cells, a crucial component of the immune system. Blucosig reverses the ratios of two important blood signaling molecules that coordinate the aging process and the distribution of the aging signal to all cells in the body.

Telogenic regrows the telomeres to support cellular longevity and prevent inflammatory responses. Sentophagy removes senescent cells that accumulate with age, preventing them from causing harm to surrounding cells. Inflasolve reduces inflammation, a common feature of aging that can contribute to the development of chronic diseases. Stemgenic promotes stem cell proliferation, which declines with age, leading to a reduced capacity for tissue regeneration.

CMEnhance enhances cellular metabolic efficiency, especially related to the production of ATP. Epiverse is an Epigenetic Clock reversing synergistic herbal analog formulation of six plant species that enhances cytosine methylation and reverses epigenomic age. Elastage ECM stimulates the growth of elastin and strengthens the flexibility of the Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM), an essential component of many tissues in the body.

By addressing these 10 determinant factors of aging, Extended Longevity aims to extend human lifespan and promote better health and well-being as we age. The combination of these 10 Phytotherapeutic Extract Formulations working together provides a comprehensive approach to aging, targeting various aspects of the aging process and promoting longevity.

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