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Extended Longevity Announces New Study to Provide Additional Data

Maui, Hawaii. June 3, 2021 Extended Longevity, a Hawaii-based longevity company focused on reversing the biomarkers of aging, has received Institutional Board Approval from The Institute of Regenerative and Cellular Medicine to begin a groundbreaking study of its phytotherapeutic formulations and their effects on epigenetic aging. The study is entitled “Longevinaut Study #1: The Safety and Effectiveness of the Extended Longevity Protocol on the Epigenetic Aging Rate in Healthy Individuals.” Epigenetic age is measured by DNA methylation and is considered by many to be the most exact measure of a person's biological age.

The study, consisting of 15 male and female participants above the age of 55, expands upon the company's previous pilot tests that have demonstrated a reduction of 15 years in a 67-year-old man and 14 years in a 74-year-old man. These results have been through rigorous third-party testing. After receiving a baseline evaluation of the individuals' biologic age and key vitals, study participants will take the full protocol once a day with follow-up tests at six months and one year.

"The data we've been gathering is showing age reversal at a level not being reported by anyone else," Extended Longevity Founder and CEO, Steven M. Schorr, explained. Though the study represents the next steps in data collection and the company's commitment to data driven results, the entire protocol is already available for purchase on the Extended Longevity website. "People can run the same tests and experience these results first-hand. While many researchers suggest that we're ten to twenty years from a longevity solution, we have achieved the results they are seeking today," Schorr added.

In addition to reducing epigenetic age, the Extended Longevity protocol has demonstrated other results revealing profound age deceleration, including decreased inflammation to optimal levels and extended telomere length akin to that of a 10-year-old. All test results are available for public review.

The full Extended Longevity protocol addresses nine widely accepted biomarkers of aging, including length of telomeres, thymic involution, stem cell exhaustion, increased inflammation, accumulation of senescent cells, mitochondrial NAD dysfunction, loss of pineal /melatonin production, blood signaling, and epigenetic expression.

Schorr is an entrepreneur and executive with 47 years of experience. He is a patented inventor and scientist dedicated to creating data-driven wellness products for the general populace.


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